Considering a Butcher Block Kitchen Table

A butcher block table island is valuable item that can render your kitchen more functional and useful. Whether you are considering a butcher block table for your kitchen to create more food preparation surface area or to expand your storage capabilities, it is worth noting that butcher block tables come in many styles, colors and sizes. This makes it easier for you to find a choice that will perfectly satisfy your needs. However, the wide variety of surfaces available in the market may pose a challenge in determining the one that meet demands. Understanding the different options available and taking time to evaluate your goals and needs will guide you in making a wise purchase.


BUTCHER BLOCK TABLE counter tops come in variety of sizes, base finish style and thickness. Some standing tables are superbly designed with a food-safe natural finish. Others are carefully designed using Veronique semi-gloss finish for a fine and smooth furniture look and easy maintenance.


The use the butcher block table surface dictates the material of the table. For instance, if you are planning to use it for food preparation purposes with lots of cutting and chopping, a wooden surface would make a good choice. Again, should you want to use the surface area for handling hot pots, a heat resistant material such as granite or marble might be the best selection. Regardless of the surface selected, additional cutting boards will help protect the chosen surface and provide for easier cleaning.


Butcher block kitchen table are available with different patterns, styles and sizes. The aspect of style allows some designs to have rolling caster wheels, knife racks, towel bars, outlet strips and more providing everything your require at your arms length and increasing your kitchen storage and work space. Islands with full cabinet drawers and doors make your kitchen to be a save place for your young ones. You can secure the drawers and doors and keep your children safe from sharp utensils such as kitchen knives. These patterns add style in your kitchen while increasing convenience.


You can choice to use a permanently fixed butcher block table or a mobile one. For flexibility, a kitchen butcher block on wheels will provide mobile services in your kitchen and render more usage. You can use it for whatever purpose where ever needed. Mobile butcher kitchen table can be converted to a buffet serving table in the dining room, craft table in the family room or as prep space in the kitchen. For a permanently fixed table, the same uses are possible only that they come with less flexibility.

If you are considering a Butcher Block Table for your kitchen, there is no doubt acquiring a well designed one that suits your needs will turn it to a focal point of your kitchen. It will provide you with the chance of expressing you personal style by attractively displaying your favorite kitchen items in a presentable manner. The additional storage, space and seating that come with a butcher block kitchen table are worth your investment.

Butcher Block for Cutting and Chopping

One of the most important items I use in my kitchen is my butcher block. As we all know, or should know, cutting meat or chopping vegetables requires a durable and hard surface as you cannot do it on the regular counter top. For this a strong surface is required that can endure the hard force of the kitchen knives and also the daily wear and tear of cutting and chopping meat. The simple design of the butcher block resembles like a block of wood. But it is a very important part of the kitchen equipment for people you cook meat on a regular basis. Butcher block is a block of wood that is used for chopping and cutting meat. It is very convenient thing that can be used for everyday cutting needs in the kitchen. Hard wood is used for making this block as it provides strength even after constant use. The woods that are preferred to provide durability to the block are walnut, cherry, teak and maple. 

Chopping meat is not a very easy task as it requires the right kind of tools and involves a lot of hard work. The first most obvious tool is the knife and the next thing that is very essential is my Butcher Block. It is the best option for you if you want to chop meat on top of it. It is heavy duty board made of wood which are of two types. First is the end grain butcher blocks that are made by gluing the pieces of wood with wood fiber that are perpendicular to surface of the block. These blocks are four inches thick and are mostly preferred due to its durability. Second are the edge grain butcher blocks that are made by gluing the wood with wood fibers that are parallel to the surface. I prefer the end grain.

Butcher blocks provide a solid base which is used for cutting meat and chopping vegetables. The advantage of this block is that is very strong and there is very less chances of being damage even after wear and tear. Another purpose of this block is to maintain hygiene as there is a high chance that meat gets spilt in various ways. Therefore this block provides hygiene as it helps in keeping the workstation clean. This block can be used on table tops or counter tops and are of two inches thickness that provides durability to the block. The thickness of the block is due to the fact that it can withstand the continuous blows of the knife and it also allows the block to resurface again even without losing its thickness. It can also be customized according to the shape and size of the kitchen so that it can be used easily and provide hygiene, strength and sturdiness.

The butcher block is made by applying two kinds of finishes that are varnique finish and mineral oil finish. The varnique finish is a waterproof finish which is best for household use as it can be washed after every use and requires minimum maintenance. A mineral oil finish is used on the surface of the wood so it the wood does not warp or crack. But this finish is not waterproof and in case of water spills, the grain rises and the wood feels rough. My personal preference is the varnique but only because it looks best in my kitchen. I bought my John Boos (it’s the best maker) butcher block from I also put their video down below, they really provide a lot of detail if you’re looking to get a butcher block for your kitchen.

one for your kitchen.

Love Your Kitchen

This is sort of a life-in-the-kitchen tip. Enjoying your kitchen means truly giving it the attention it needs and having the things within it that make you content. Of course it also means that you fix those things that irritate you so you. It means caring for that pot even if it only cost you a few dollars. It means hanging the picture you found at a dollar store right over your stove even if your family and friends think it doesn’t look good. It means not feeling crappy if you choose to splurge on new kitchen utensils or some really expensive fixings. It means being exposed to new thoughts, advices, and methods, but it also means not asking for forgiveness for the way you cook, clean, shop, and feed your family. If it works for you, that’s all that truly matters.

We’re all not the same, we can educate each other, and in the development we will all have an improved, cleaner, cheerier kitchen and cooking life.

What are your tips for keeping your kitchen clean every day, and enjoying it?